DPC Engagement on a National Level

DPC Engagement on a National Level



Instead of billing insurance, patients pay a monthly fee that covers nearly everything and doctors say it opens the door for them to help negotiate down prices patients pay to specialists if a specialist is needed.

Senator Rand Paul took in the stories from the office in Crestwood of Doctor Molly Rutherford who said she was inspired to start to this family practice 2 years ago after getting frustrated by the direction of the healthcare industry.

“We want to change the conversation, especially in DC,” Dr. Rutherford explained. “They keep talking about coverage which the real problem is the cost of healthcare and expanding coverage by the ACA has not changed that.”

Doctor Rutherford says she’s not “slamming” the Affordable Care Act known as “Obamacare” but she insists that changes in the health care law have not improved the actual care Americans receive.

She and the other doctors opened this Direct Primary Care office that involves a flat fee from $10 for children to $50, $75 or $100 per month for an adult depending upon their age. Patients, not an insurance company pays. There are allotted monthly visits, potential home visits, some emergency care and some labs are covered.

They also have a pharmacy that can dispense medications except controlled substances for pennies on the dollar.

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