Care the way you want it

Same Day/Next Day Appointments: You can generally see your doctor the day that you want


Extended Visits: Visits are given 30 minutes or more – you are not rushed and your visit starts on time


Upfront pricing: Know exactly what things cost before you get them, not days or months later


Easy access to your doctor: You have direct access to reach your doctor. Your doctor is available to you


Answers how you want them: You can communicate with your doctor by phone, email, text, or in person


After Hours: After hours calls for urgent situations are included with membership, and when possible, after hours visits are available but there may be additional costs involved for home visitation, send out labs/pathology specimens or similar services which maybe outside of our practice control.


House Calls: House calls can be arranged when schedule permits (There is an additional charge for house calls)


Your membership makes a diverse amount of services available to you.  As a member you don’t have to pay copays to come take advantage of these services.


*Be aware that Dr. Wion does not routinely prescribe controlled medication for chronic use but is more than happy to facilitate referrals to specialist who treat the underlying conditions and who might opt to prescribe these medications chronically.

Services Covered by membership:

Chronic Condition Management


We care for many chronic conditions including but not limited to:

• Diabetes
• Thyroid disorders
• Migraines

• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Asthma & COPD

• Allergies & eczema
• Depression & anxiety

Injuries/Sick Care


We treat most acute conditions such as:

• Colds & flu
• Lacerations & wounds

• Gastroenteritis
• Rashes & skin abscess

• Strains & sprains
• UTI & yeast infections



Our primary goal is to keep you healthy. Our wellness services include:

• School/sports physicals
• Pap smears
• Smoking cessation

• Health maintenance visits
• Wellness & prevention planning
• Fitness, lifestyle change counseling

• Well child visits

• Work physicals *

Depending on employer requirements

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